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-- Publishered Issues: A Word On --

While the vintage issues of Jones are seldomly found on this green earth, we at Jones Comix, together with the people at Number 4 press and Crewchin' Studios, are proud to announce that we will be selecting the utter best of the Jones material and presenting it to you in the classic comic book format for a very reasonable price. Find out more about the issues published so far below:

--- Issue 1 - In Your Face ---

32 pages of comics 3 of which are full colour
1 pound and 60 pence

The first published issue of Jones Comix collects stories which have been voted for as the best of Jones, in A5 format no less, and handmade to the highest specifications. Artwork has been rescanned and re-cleaned using new techniques which don't permit themselves to be revealed. Our technicians have been very verbal indeed on the subject. Don't forget - your Jones Comix favourites such as Clown Sausage and Mr Fly are there to entertain and possibly educate you too, but don't show the kids, they might not understand. However, why not get one now, and give it to them when they come of age? Tell them you dug it out of a time capsule! Check out some of the stuff you will be getting in the preview box above. We're publishing this ourselves and your support will go a long way. The small price you pay divides sort of 70-30 printing costs/profit, so it's obvious we won't be off to Monte Carlo anytime soon, rather we will be bringing you "quality" literature for quite a while. Have you got yours?

--- Issue 2 - Sit On My Face ---

32 pages of comics, including 2 colour pages
1 pound and 60 pence

The second published issue of Jones Comix collects more comics from the Jones boys, nearly half of which has never seen the light of day before. Here we see a more serious side to Jones ~ stories tackling themes unsuitable for the innocent eyes of children. Whether it be themes of psychology in ultra-violent madmen, the day-to-day pain of harsh reality, or simply trying a new and more serious format, it's plain to see the creators are pounding that square peg until it's fit to burst. Of course it's not all doom and gloom! Old favourites such as Rat and Clown Sausage are back, with some help from Mr Panda and Dr Pants are on call all night long should you need your injection of the funnies. Yes, Jones is a hard habit to break. As before the measly pricetag remains, which our accountants tell us is incredibly good value for fans of the comic. "It's just about the right price for even those that don't particularly like it, it's that low" they added "You're all nuts". Check out some preview pages above!

--- Issue 3 - in production ---

We are currently working on a new issue of Jones. This is an exciting crossroads at the Jones junction. What to expect? Stories carriying on from the last issue? Less lip cutting? Who knows...

-- Where To Buy --

Although we are currently working on a way for you to quickly and painlessly buy Jones Comix online, it's understandably hard to convince someone to part with their money on a website with no reputation of previous transactions. Therefore, you can send us an e-mail at jonescomix(O) and we will be sure to work something out. This is good for our overseas friends as we can do currency conversion and all that mathematical jazz.

For those residing in or around London, or even on vacation there, check out either Gosh or Orbital as they should both stock Jones Comix. Don't forget to ask them as they rotate their display stock regularly and might be keeping Jones behind the counter. Good luck!

Gosh Comics
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Orbital Comics
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