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-- Sproutlight: The Creators of Jones Comix --

Jones Comix features an eclectic roster of artists from all walks of life. It was primarly founded by Senior Choblert who retained his firm grip on the magazine from the outset; little by little the other founders trickled in and by issue 6 the five-strong team had been formed for keeps. To find out more about the five creators of Jones Comix click on their portraits at the top of the page which will take you to their comix collections and disclose that which is known about them.

But Jones Comix was not a private club at an alpine retreat and did not shut it's doors in the noses of guest contributors. It's unknown at this time how these guests have infiltrated the Jones Comix fold but it's clear that they did, or else this whole situation would have been firmly grounded in the realm of impossible. What is possible, is the increase of the amount of contributors as we find out more about Jones Comix, but for now let's just meet the lucky fellows that have already made it in.

Sam Gorecki

Originally from Pittsburg, Gorecki has lost none of his big-city quick-wit and sharp-as-a-tack street-smart dialogue when he got arrested for major fraud and grand larceny around that time. He was not formally charged and got released without bail in the space of 3 hours. Hair colour: brown. Shoes: brown. Eyes: brown-green. No scars or distinguishing features. He was best remembered for his imaginative fairytales and unconditional love of children.

Professor Pit

Prof. Pit esq is renowned in the circles of medicinal studies as a pioneer of bacterial infectionism. Infact Pit coined the term when he overslept, after a night of heavy drinking, in a large tub of typhoid 7. Using progressively advanced equipment, Pit never gave up in his search for a cure to AIDs as he always believed it to be a man-made disease. In his spare time he drew his friends' caricatures and exotic places he's visited.


Sailors are well known for their rough words and rugged mannerisms, but not pretty-boy Jalbino. Looks unspoilt by seasalt and a well to do attitude provided him with enough skill to drift from social circle to social circle. A finger in every pie and an eye on every post, Jalbino eventually decided to use his wealth of social knowledge to create a map, or a calendar if you will, of the fallacies of predetermined rationalisation.

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